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COOL Ocean Images

15 Years of Ocean Temperatures

Fifteen years ago, a small lab on the Cook College campus of Rutgers University installed a satellite receiver system that could collect ocean data from overhead satellites in space. Beforehand, scientists recorded ocean temperature at only a few locations. The new system was designed to monitor changes in ocean temperatures off the entire coast of New Jersey continuously, and even beyond. This represented a large step forward in oceanography.

That lab still exists today, as the COOLroom, and has expanded to include 2 satellite dishes, a network of coastal Radars and a fleet of underwater robotic gliders. The satellite system still serves as main dataset upon which all of the lab's research activities rely. With over 15 years of data, COOL scientists can now start asking questions about how the ocean changes over many years.

This image represents some of the first satellite data collected by the Marine Remote Sensing Lab, as the RU COOL was originally called. October is typically a very cloudy month, so several days worth of satellite passes were combined into one image.