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August 14, 2013 - Spatial Literacy Pilot

This summer we launched a new Cool Classroom unit on Spatial Literacy which invites students to investigate the causes and effects of seagrass decline in Barnegat Bay. We invite you to check it out now Spatial Literacy Adventure >>.

Nov 23, 2010 - Welcome NSTA Science Teacher Readers!

The COOL Classroom is an online web portal that provides guided inquiry-based lessons on ocean and environmental themes. We have several new lessons in the works, including a unit on Seagrasses that emphasizes concepts related to spatial literacy, and another on bacteria and enzymes. These will be available for piloting in the Fall of 2012. For now, we invite you to check out the Hudson River Plume Adventure >>.

Adventure Unit Plans

Each COOL Classroom Adventure has a detailed Unit Plan that includes a breakdown of the content and concepts, a suggested classroom schedule, and a list of the relevant science standards.

COOL Classroom Unit Plans >>

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