COOL Classroom 2.1

Discover Fish Tagging Data

Many scientists spend a lot of time looking at data from tagged fish. So what does their data look like?

One of the first thing scientists do is see how long each fish was in an area. This is called “Days at Liberty.” Think of it like how long we heard a fish at one buoy from our activity.

Did all of the fish stay in the area for the same amount of time?

Next, they look to see if there are any patterns in where the fish swam. This is called “Activity Space.” The map below is how scientists take the data chart that you created and make it into a map of fish movement. The small grey circles are the area around a buoy in which we can hear a fish. The dark black lines show where each fish spent most of its time. Think of it like the bars on your data chart for each buoy.

Can you see any patterns in the movement of the different fish?
Do they all use the same amount of space?

Black Rock fish off Carmel, California


What did you learn about how fish move around?