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What Makes the COOLroom Cool?

The Coastal Ocean Observatory Laboratory room (aka COOLroom) is where a group of scientists are collaborating to develop a three-dimensional understanding of the ocean over time. And it is, quite literally, one room. Since 1997, this room has served as command central for studies being conducted on a cross-section of the ocean off the New Jersey coast, and is where scientists interpret the results so they can be published on the world wide web for anyone's use.

Rutgers Marine and Coastal Sciences assembled this unique group of scientists and engineers from different specialties so that they could each monitor the ocean for what they know best. Then, when they collectively review the results, a multi-dimensional picture of the ocean emerges. It's as if they are viewing the ocean as a movie. A movie where one can see the smallest one-cell organism drifting through the waves and the fiercest storms pummeling the surface all at once, all interacting and influencing each other.

The COOLroom exists in two forms: (1) a physical room that houses sophisticated computers and (2) a COOLroom online that publishes real-time data so that you can visit and monitor the ocean yourself.


Visit the COOLroom site.

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