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How will the different zoning options affect the Bay?

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Spatial Literacy

My Journal

1) Now that you've heard from everyone, what do you think the town should do and why? [Go to Page]

2) What would you need to know to help you answer the question above? [Go to Page]

3) Enter you answers below. [Go to Page]

4) How might we know if the Bay ecosystem is healthy or not? [Go to Page]

5) Answer the question above in your journal. [Go to Page]

6) What relationship do you observe between the location of seagrass beds and the bathymetry of the Bay? [Go to Page]

7) Based upon this map, where do you think that seagrass beds will grow? Why? [Go to Page]

8) What relationship did you come up with? [Go to Page]

9) Write your answer here to the question above. [Go to Page]

10) Did the amount of seagrass in Barnegat Bay change between 2006 and 2008? If so, how? [Go to Page]

11) Answer the questions below:
  1. For each study area, describe what changes occurred over the 4 time periods.
  2. Can you speculate why some places experience larger losses of seagrass bed distribution compared to others?
[Go to Page]

12) Answer the question above in your journal. [Go to Page]

13) What has happened to the land cover in the Barnegat Bay watershed between 1986 and 2010? [Go to Page]

14) Write your answers to the questions above here. [Go to Page]

15) In what part of the watershed did most of the development occur? [Go to Page]

16) Describe the correlation between land cover changes and seagrass distribution. [Go to Page]

17) What human factors do you think might be inhibiting seagrass distribution in Barnegat Bay? [Go to Page]

18) What factor do you think is the primary reason for seagrass decline in Barnegat Bay? [Go to Page]

19) Explain the relationship between increasing nitrogen and changes in seagrass beds over time. [Go to Page]

20) Now that you've heard the decisions and reasons from other groups, do you still agree with your original decision or did you change your mind? Why? [Go to Page]

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