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How does your watershed impact the ocean?

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Hudson River Plume

My Journal

1) Describe what you think happens to the freshwater from the Hudson River as it flows into the ocean. What do you think would cause it to flow the way you have drawn? [Go to Page]

2) What are the characteristics (distinguishing features or qualities) of this plume of smoke? [Go to Page]

3) What effect do you think strong winds have on smoke plumes? [Go to Page]

4) In what ways did you change your drawing of a plume and why did you make these changes? [Go to Page]

5) How does your drawing of the Hudson Plume compare with this image? [Go to Page]

6) Why does the river plume continue to stay together as it flows out into the bay and ocean? [Go to Page]

7) Explain why the water layers as it does. [Go to Page]

8) Describe your method to track the plume in detail. Remember to include what characteristics you'll look for along with how you'll measure and track them. [Go to Page]

9) What else do you think might be carried in the water as it flows through the watershed? How might it affect the ocean? [Go to Page]

10) Looking at the land within the Hudson River Watershed, identify and describe all of the ways it is being used by humans. [Go to Page]

11) After noticing the different types of land use surrounding the rivers within the watershed, what types of substances do you think might flow into the river water? [Go to Page]

12) Which activity do you think may negatively impact the watershed the most? Why? [Go to Page]

13) What is an example of a pollution source near you that could be running into a river or stream? [Go to Page]

14) How does your watershed impact the ocean? [Go to Page]

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