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Do fish in the ocean have favorite places?

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Fish Migration

My Journal

1) Where do you like to swim? [Go to Page]

2) What do you think ~ do fish have favorite places to swim like you do? What makes you think that? [Go to Page]

3) If you went swimming off the New Jersey coast on this day, January 5, 2011, what temperature water would you be diving into? [Go to Page]

4) Where do you think you may be able to find Striped Bass based on this SST map for July 25, 2012? [Go to Page]

5) Would you like to change or add to your answer to the question, "Based on this SST map where do you think the Striped Bass may be?" If yes, please type in your new answer. If no, please explain why not. [Go to Page]

6) What do you think the term "migration" means? [Go to Page]

7) In general where do you find phytoplankton in July off of New Jersey: out in the middle of the ocean or near the coast? How do you know? [Go to Page]

8) Where do you think the Striped Bass may be? What evidence are you using to figure out your answer? [Go to Page]

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